Sparrow Mart

Inside the Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles is a little pop-up shop: a supermarket called Sparrow Mart. But this is different from your typical grocery store because inside are 31,000 handmade felt pieces from a fully stocked sushi bar to a movie section filled with the 1980s inspired box office hits, all signed by the artist Lucy Sparrow.

What started off as a Kickstarter campaign in a small town in Bethnal Green, UK became a bi-coastal phenomenon starting in NYC and now in Los Angeles for the last weekend at the Standard Hotel. I "felt" so happy walking around the mart and nostalgic. A feeling of playfulness and childhood excitement ran through my veins and made me think of all the make-believe instances when I had used legos as vegetables in my fort as a kid.

One might ask, but how is this art? Well, it could be a commentary on American consumption or maybe it's just a fun interactive installation. Or maybe both of these things. You decide. The Sparrow Mart is open until this Saturday, August 25. 

Sparrow Mart
The Standard, Downtown LA
Friday, August 24: 11am-3pm
Saturday, August 25: 12-6pm

Everything is hand-sewn all hand-sewn by her team of five, and hand-painted by Sparrow herself.



ArtMarina Murad