FEB 17


I had mentioned on my Instagram posts that February 17th is special to me. And that is because today marks my 25th anniversary of immigrating to the United States from Baghdad, Iraq. Which is why I wanted to launch my blog today.

February 17th is an exciting day for me to look back and reflect on everything that I am grateful for in my life. The Iraqi culture and my upbringing in California have definitely shaped me into the designer and artist I am today. But the biggest influence for me has been the internet. Dial-up internet—known as AOL. I recently was asked by a 20-something what AOL was. Man do I feel old! Lol.

My first screen name was “Wardatalnahrain,” in Arabic it means the rose between two rivers. The rose being Baghdad, which is centered between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. My AOL screen name "Wardatalnahrain" changed my life and opened a world of possibilities for me. It’s one of the major reasons I became a designer! From learning how to code, to figuring out that I can actually play (design) on the computer all day for a living! I started this blog to help push my creativity further with my combined interests of art + design + cultures, and nerdy tech things. 

When I am not writing, I am at my 9–5 job working for Verizon Media, which is the new combined entity of Yahoo and AOL. What a small world. Thanks for reading along, and welcome to Design Geek in Heels.

Tech, Graphic DesignMarina Murad