Today is the day to go out and vote. Use your voice and vote in the midterm elections. No excuses. Visit enter your address and it will tell you where to vote.


And with the theme of voting/America running wild on social media this week to vote, I decided to write about the Gagosian’s exhibit last month of AMERICA TOO by Murakami & Abloh in Beverly Hills. For the first time attending an art gallery opening, there was actually a line outside.


The theme is very punk-rock. With Murakami’s mix of Japanese art, fashion and pop culture, intertwined with Abhol’s disruptive street-fashion aesthetic from his street-couture label Off-White/ Louis Vuitton’s menswear artistic direction—these pair created a dialogue together to celebrate the collaboration in the form of art.

The two artists, kindred spirits from different sectors of a broader cultural zone, reflect incisively on the signs of the current times while working to disrupt the stratifications of cultural production.

The signature arrows of Abloh’s label Off-White are overlaid onto Murakami’s iconic rainbow flower, stenciled canvases in gradations of color, and images of Mr. DOB, the whimsical character that became Murakami’s first signature creation inspired by anime and manga characters. 

Human-scale plastic iterations of the flower and arrows repeat, this time in three-dimensional media.


“AMERICA TOO” might suggest that America is longing for inclusion, or is an add-on of some kind, yet its global identity often contradicts that idea. Perhaps the ethos behind the show title is meant to be satirical…Ironic…Or maybe it’s just meant to represent the shifts and transitions through the history of art. 

ArtMarina Murad